Discover Maine and Porland

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One interesting way to visit the United States is from the Canadian border to Acadia National Park through Portland, Maine. And here we go for a great road trip to New England after visiting Quebec. After a few in Quebec City, you can cross the border to enter to the United States at Stansead (Canadian side) and Derby Line (American side), so you can cross the White Mountains in our itinerary.

Crossing the Canada-US border by car

A first police officer will check your passports, and ask some basic questions like “Where are you from?” Then will come more specific questions like “Do you have any vegetables?” or “Where do you want to go?” before he ends up taking a tour of the vehicle.

Then you may have to park the car further down the parking lot to go to the border office and complete the procedures for entering American soil. You must fill out a document and pay a tax of $8.50 (and not Canadian dollar, so you must obtain it in advance). Otherwise there is the possibility of paying by bank card, which does not seem to be the case for very small posts. This document is stapled to the passport and must be returned to the airport before taking your return flight, preferably to the airline at the time of check-in, otherwise as a last resort at customs.

Maine, from Portland to Acadia National Park

Welcome to New England! To get to your first American stopover in Portland, Maine, you can choose to cross the White Mountains and take the famous “Kangalangus Highway”. A perfect route to admire the advance of autumn!

Throughout New England, you will come across outlets. These are a kind of brand villages where you can find the biggest American brands at very competitive prices on a selection of items. For example, at the end of the “Kangalangus Highway” is the Settlers Green, in Conway, New Hampshire. It brings together famous brands like Levi’s, Nike, New Balance, J.Crew …

In this state, clothes are not taxed unlike others like Connecticut. In practice, this is where you can do business since most of the items are on sale … But note these are discontinued items, so items not really on top of fashion. If you thought to come back with lots of Nike at good prices, it’s a bit missed, the shoes offered are frankly not to all tastes and at prices still high!

New England, 6 states

This road trip is a real discovery of this region well known for the crazy colors it offers in the fall. Think of its beaches, its lighthouses, its lobsters, its pretty houses, its bricks everywhere, its universities … It encompasses 6 states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Discover Portland, Maine

Before settling down in your first Airbnb in Portland, you can drive to the famous city lighthouse, the oldest still in use in the United States. At 6:00 PM the sun will soon set. The light is ideal, it’s perfect for photographing this little wonder. The place is very clean as the officials pay particular attention to Portland waste management and no junk or detritus are kept on site for too long.

The site is open from sunrise to sunset. So be careful with the schedules before you get there, since it’s still a 20-minute drive from downtown Portland. From an architectural point of view, downtown Portland resembles many large American cities, except that everything is on a human scale.

You can particularly appreciate the district of the Old Port, with its cobbled streets, its brick buildings and its moored boats which gives Portland a very authentic side.

It is in Portland that you can eat your first American donuts at The Holy Donut, an address found in the New York Times. The donuts there are all excellent, 100% natural, homemade and cooked with Maine potato. There is even a savory version with bacon and cheddar, a delight! Just don’t be afraid to queue on Sunday morning.

The specialty of the region is lobster. Take advantage of your time in the city to taste one of his lobster rolls on the Old Port. For those who don’t know, this is a kind of lobster sandwich, topped with salad and mayonnaise. It is called “guédille” in Quebec. There on the Old Port, the lobster is fresh, but the price a little less. It takes about $16 for a sandwich with a few pieces of lobster and fries.

Sleeping in Portland, Maine

Have dinner on the road between Portland, Maine and Acadia. One of the curiosities that you absolutely want to discover when going to the USA is to stop at an American dinner to drink coffee and eat pancakes! If you are in the area, we recommend the A1 diner, an old vintage caravan converted into a diner. And what’s more, it’s pretty photogenic.

Acadia National Park

If it’s your first national park in the United States, note that it’s one of the only ones on the East Coast. Acadia National Park is a partially protected area located on Mount Desert Island on the Atlantic coast of Maine. The main tourist spots are connected by Loop Road, a circular two-way one-way road.

Entrance to the park is chargeable, approximately $25 per car for 7 days. You can buy your pass from their website or directly from the Visitor Center at the park entrance. Or get it with America the Beautiful Pas, which gives unlimited access to all of the US national parks.

My Favorite Running Tours of Berlin

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Running Tours of BerlinBerlin is a historic city that offers sights that would enthrall any visitor. It is a dream destination for travelers and tourists alike.

Come to think of it, there is a lot of difference between travelers and tourists. A tourist will traditionally book himself or herself in a 5-star hotel, stay for a few days, maybe a week, hire the services of a tour operator and visit the sites in a hired car.

A traveler, on the other hand, has a totally different agenda. The main item on a travelers’ itinerary is to soak in the culture and lifestyle, meet (and if possible, live with) the locals, and stay for much more than just a few days and visit the interesting places at a leisurely, unhurried manner.

Berlin is characterized by its warm and friendly people and countless sites that have a historic value which would hold you spellbound.

For those looking for adventure there are many activities, and for the others who wish to enjoy with the locals, there are many places which are ideal and you can spend hours sipping beer and engaging in the lifestyle of the locals.

For an adventure and health freak like me, I think nothing compares to selecting and putting on my best shoes and embarking on a running sightseeing tour of this magnificent city.

There are many running circuits that are bound to keep you engaged for many days and they are so good that often, you may find the urge to repeat some of them again and again.

The running tours in Berlin are also perfect for you if you love to establish a direct contact with its people and culture, and will give you excellent insights that would make your trip more enjoyable.

Combining sightseeing tours while running as a regular workout activity is an attractive option who wish to keep their fitness at its peak while experiencing the magnificent sights and stunning landscapes that Berlin has to offer.

If you are looking for hints where to go on these running tours, here are some of my favorite running circuits in Berlin –

Volkspark Friedrichshain

Volkspark Friedrichshain is a 150 years old park and is a must-go for any runner. It is approximately 3.5 miles circuit and presents the pristine beauty of nature all along the way.

You can also see the infamous “Märchenbrunnen” right at the entrance and has a special magical appeal to its interiors. A perfect playground for all kinds of runners — amateur as well as professional, it is quite near to the Mitte area and can be reached without any difficulty.


It is a 4 miles trail and an ideal hotspot for runners in Berlin’s second largest park. It is also a reminder of the start point and finish line of the annual Berlin Marathon which serves as a huge inspiration for all runners there are many options but the best one, of course, is one between the Brandenburger Tor and the zoo, as it offers many a picturesque site.

Tegeler Forst

This six and a half mile long track runs right across the picturesque Schloss Tegel area to the lovely sights and sounds of the Tegeler Forst, and the Tegeler See. The thing that stands out here is the variety in running as it offers many ups and downs that will excite you as your breathing becomes faster.

This place is very easy to reach using public transportation at the U-Bahn station.

7 Of the Coolest Barber Shops Across The World

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getting a haircutRemember the old days when barbershops mostly used to have quite the shady aura with hardly any ventilation or light as well as an inexplicable smell that hung around? Well, those days are long gone as now, those so-called shops really seem to have become quite state-of-the-art and modern to boot. No filth, grime or any overpowering smells to be found anywhere. You can be sure of that.

Apart from having a real sense of class, these shops even have some of the best grooming products on the market as well as well as other fancy equipment. All your previous complaints about barber shops not being well-equipped in the past have vanished in a flash. On that note. here is a list of 10 of them across the world. : –

Argyle League, Houston

Hands down one of the coolest barber shops out there. Houston is the place to be if you want a prime cut. The overall layout is rather sweet as well.

Baxter Finley, Los Angeles

The Baxter Of California Grooming Line is exactly what these guys are related to. Due to its immense popularity, it has almost become like a hangout joint as much as a barbershop.

Pankhurst, London

Just in case you were wondering, these are the same guys who styled and cut Daniel Craig and Blurs hair as well. If that wasn’t enough, their special barber chairs were used by Bentley Motors. Now that’s really something.

Dolce & Gabbana, London

Now there’s a stylish groomer in London which is part of an Italian Fashion brand. One thing is for sure – the charm it carries is undeniably unique.

Barber At Bourdon House, London

Located in Dunhill which is the flagship brand for luxury goods, this has pretty everything you may desire if you happen to be a person of exquisite taste. Not to mention the sleek fact that you can even have a suit made there.

18th Amendment Barber Shop, Vancouver

Now that’s truly a bizarre name if I’ve heard of one. In case most of you were thinking that all the cool barbershops are mainly in New York, think again! With quite the nifty charm of its own, this barbershop is essentially a tribute to the Prohibition era good looks and styles to boot.

Ludlow Blunt, Brooklyn

Being a British themed shop, it does a smooth job of blending both modern-day craftsmanship and techniques along with a heritage touch clearly making it stand out from the rest.

Ultimately barbers come from a variety of different background all across the board from the most simple to the elite as well. Whether your idea of a perfect evening is a smooth cut throat shave or a stylish haircut at a Stockport barbershop, the point is that if you happen to be an avid traveler as well as a barber enthusiast, then surely your prayers have been answered.

Fire up that Instagram account and phone in a jiffy because in case the list wasn’t indicative enough of the fact, these barber shops are truly the real deal out there.

7 Places to Visit in India in June

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Summer in IndiaThe summer season in India is not particularly pleasant. And the month of June is, perhaps, the hottest of all the months. With mercury reaching new heights every year, the need for a summer retreat becomes all the more vital. Luckily, to cater to these summer woes, there are numerous places to visit in India in June.

So, if you are looking to plan a holiday in India in the month of June, this list of tourist places in India is sure to be of use to you. Have a look now!

1. Ladakh

Ladakh, the northernmost region of India, is a land of peaceful monasteries, pristine lakes, high motorable roads, and panoramic views of beautiful mountain ranges. With temperatures ranging between 20°C and 30°C, June is an ideal time to visit Ladakh. Tourists can go trekking, take a motorbike ride to the Magnetic Hill, enjoy river rafting in Indus, or visit one of the popular tourist places such as Shanti Stupa, Khardung La, Thiksey Monastery, and Leh Palace.

2. Srinagar

Srinagar, popularly known as the Heaven on Earth, is one of the best places to visit in India in June. The weather is pleasant. The freshly melted ice in lakes and the blooming flowers, following the cold & snowy winters of Srinagar, create a spectacular picture altogether. Be it the shikaras & the houseboats in Dal Lake or the Royal Mughal Gardens; Srinagar offers too much beauty to be experienced.

3. Spiti

Spiti is the melting pot of adventurers and pilgrims. The destination offers views of the brown rocky hills in all directions, as far as one can see. There are Buddhist monasteries like Key & Tabo, Chandratal Lake, and hills all around. And needless to say that the weather in this hilly terrain is wonderful in the month of June.

4. Manali

Manali is one of the most popular places to visit in India in June and other summer months for families, solo travelers, friends, or even honeymooners. Popular attractions like Hadimba Temple, Club House, Vashisht Hot Springs, & Buddhist monasteries and nearby adventure hotspots like Solang and Rohtang ensure a wonderful holiday in Manali in the month of June. The weather is pleasant enough for sightseeing in the city of Manali as well as paragliding in Solang.

5. Dharamshala

Dharamshala India

Dharamshala, along with Mcleodganj, makes for a wonderful destination for a summer break in the month of June. The heritage of the Kangra Fort, the beauty of the Bhagsu falls, and the ancient temples & monasteries yield a magical aura that is hard to miss on your trip to the Land of the Lamas.

For adventure seekers, there’s also an option to go for the famous Triund trek that also offers night camping under the blanket of stars.

6. Malana

The hash capital of India and the world, Malana is a tiny village amidst the lush green Parvati Valley. The villagers of the village consider themselves to be descendants of the Great Alexander. Malana village, Wei-chin Valley, Jamdagni Temple, and Shrine of Renuka Devi are the key attractions that can be covered in Malana. Also, the weather in the month of June is just perfect for a trip to Malana.

7. Kodaikanal

With temperatures fluctuating between 11°C and 21°C, June is a perfect month to take a trip of Kodaikanal. The popular hill station in Tamil Nadu is known for its lush forests, scenic lakes, mighty waterfalls, and majestic hills. Tourists must not miss on the popular tourist attractions like Kodaikanal Lake, Berijam Lake, Pine Forest, Pillar Rocks, and Kurinji Andavar Temple on their trip to the beautiful destination.

So, which of the above-mentioned tourist places in India do you intend to visit this June? Let us know your pick and the reason for your choice.

Cuba Offers So Much to Enjoy

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City of CubaMaking the decision to tour Cuba is easy. You might go on a gastronomic tour. Cuban food, which takes Caribbean cuisine and tosses in African and Spanish elements, is considered one of the best comfort foods in the world. And Cuba’s creamy desserts and delicious homegrown coffees provide the perfect compliment to its distinctive spices.

Maybe you’ll go to enjoy the music. The artists in the country have had an immense impact on jazz and salsa and on the sounds of other countries. You could just sit back and listen to the beat of Latin and Afro-Cuban melodies. Go anywhere – musicians play all day and night in Cuba.

Or, perhaps you’ll go to Cuba to scuba dive, snorkel, or swim in its warm, clear, turquoise ocean water and play with the orange starfish and gaze at gorgeous coral reefs and stroll along brilliant, white sand beaches.

Cuba has some of the best beaches in the world. Varadero, located on Cuba’s Western end, is just one of them. It’s the largest resort in the Caribbean, with over fifty hotels, abundant shops, loads of activities, and lots of entertainment. Or, maybe you’d rather sit by a pool, sip a delicious tropical drink, and indulge in a luxurious spa treatment.

Maybe your favorite excursions include nature. Well, Cuba has that, too. There’s the Viñales Valley, where you can hike, climb, explore caves, or bird watch.

Or, maybe you also like history. Visit Habana or Havana, the capital of Cuba, is rich in history and has many amazing historical attractions. In Old Historical Havana or “Habana,” you can see buildings constructed during the sixteenth century, during Spanish Colonial Times, and marvel at buildings displaying baroque and neoclassic architecture. If you stay until 9:00 p.m., you can witness the shooting of the Fire of the Cannon, which signals the closing of the city gates, one of the city’s oldest traditions.

Perhaps you’ll want to see fine, Spanish colonial mansions, churches, and plazas. Then, you’ll want to tour Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also enjoy the best-tasting food while you dance and party to the amazing sounds of Afro-Cuban, salsa, and, disco music in Trinidad’s exciting nightlife.

These are just a few examples of where you can travel to Cuba and what you can enjoy. There are many more destinations in Cuba and so much more to experience when you decide to travel to Cuba and take a Cuba vacation. Contact a Cuban Private Travel Agency for information about excursions and where to stay. Plan your round-trip air flights, private round-trip air flights online, through discount online sites, and directly through airline sites.

One Cuban private travel agency you could contact is “Que Bolaa” Cuba Travel. “Que Bolaa” Cuba Travel treats the Cuban vacationer more like a resident and shows vacationers the sites only Cuban residents know and adore.

Battery Park

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First and foremost if you stand there, you will be facing the Statue of Liberty. Is there a more iconic urban landmark? This construction by the French is quite amazing as it stands in the middle of the sea, welcoming visitors and seafarers from all over the world. You will also see a few islands including Ellis Island where millions of immigrants passed through in past centuries.

The park itself at Battery Park is a rather small green, with Clinton Castle, a nice bank along the sea, a few statues like the American eagle and survivors. This is where “Desperately seeking Susan” was filmed with Madonna. You can take ferries from there to visit the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island or Staten Island.

What is even more interesting is that from Battery Park, you can walk up north for miles on each side, with a fantastic New York City panorama.

If you go to the West you will find what is called Battery Park City Parks, which is a series of small parks, gardens and lawns along the Hudson River. There is the Esplanade which is a beautiful and peaceful path along the water from South Cove to North Cove and beyond. You can keep on walking for many miles like that, up to 50th street and more. You will see plenty of artistic work such as various statues, in bronze, metal or stone. Memorials too like the Irish Hunger Memorial.

North Cove is one of the few spots on Manhattan Island where yachts can park and you will see some wealthy people dining on their boat there in the summer. There is also a yachting school for the kids.

Or you could also walk on the East Side from Battery Park along the East River. On that side the city has not done the same kind of renovation work as they did on the west side, but the walk is nevertheless very picturesque. You will walk below the Brooklynn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge first on concrete but then there are parks too, with baseball and soccer fields. You can walk like that all the way to Midtown.

Sadly flooding can ruin this area, so avoid the storm season but this is a great way to discover New York City if you like walking, either during the summer sunny days or when it is snowing in the winter. Some even love it when it is raining due to the quite without the tourists.

Visiting Thailand

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One of the most amazing places that you can go in the world is Thailand.

There are many things to see and do in beautiful Siam as it was called earlier, as in the movie The King and I.

Below you are going to find some of the most notable attractions that you want to see if you are planning a trip to Thailand.

Grand Palace – Located in Bangkok, this is often the first stop in Thailand (see picture).
This spectacular, dazzling building awes many visitors every year with its intricate details and beautiful architecture. It dates back to 1782 and was the home of the kind of Thailand and his royal court for over a hundred years.

This amazing construction is without a doubt Bangkok’s best loved landmark. If you are going to visit the palace, make sure that you are dressed appropriately since you may not be allowed to get inside if you are dressed inappropriately.

Wat Arun, or the Temple of Dawn – Also located in Bangkok, this amazing temple is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in Thailand.

It’s one of Thailand’s most beautiful pieces of architecture and draws many people to its site every year. Its spire on Chao Phraya River’s ranks among the most famous landmarks in Thailand and it’s more than 70 meters high.
The spire is beautifully decorated with Chinese porcelain and little colored glass pieces, all delicately placed into very intricate patterns. Even though it’s called the Temple of Dawn, it’s also very stunning as the sun is setting, especially when the temple’s lit up.

Railay Beach – For those who love the beach, Railay Beach, found in the Krabi Province, is one of the must see places in Thailand.

There are no roads that lead to this beach, since it’s in walking distance. It provides beautiful beaches filled with white sand, limestone cliffs which soar into the sky, and a lagoon tucked into the cliffs, fed and shaped by the ever changing tides. And it is also famous for its cliffs.

For those who are looking for a place to just get away from it all and enjoy a tropical respite, Railay Beach is the place to go.

Floating Markets – Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Thailand are the floating markets.
These unique Thai attractions were made famous by James Bond movies and they are a sight that many people go to see every day. Accessible by boat, taxi, or tuk-tuk, these amazing floating markets offer many different things for sale, including fresh produce, all sold from small boats.

You will discover that there are many things to see and do in Thailand. The above suggestions are just a small sampling of what Thailand has to offer. The food, the sights, the smells, and the culture are all waiting for you in this amazing country. Make sure that when you book your trip to Thailand you plan to come for a long trip.

This is going to ensure that you have enough time to see and do everything that this country has to offer. We guarantee it isn’t going to be your last trip there – you will want to come back again and again.

Rafting Through The Grand Canyon Is A True Adventure!

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Grand Canyon Rafting

If you are an outdoor person, one of the best vacations you’ll ever have is rafting through the Grand Canyon. This is a true adventure where you float down the Colorado River in between the immense walls of one of the world’s most beautiful canyons. Often listed as one of America’s best adventure vacations, this rafting trip is a fun and exciting experience.

When you travel through the Grand Canyon by raft, you get to experience its splendor slowly. You will see hidden slot canyons, sandy beaches, and abundant wildlife. Planning a river trip can be daunting. Consider these factors when beginning your research.

To begin, there are more than a dozen companies operating whitewater tours through the Canyon. To make it even more complicated, each of these companies offers multiple types of tours and trips. Deciding which company to work with can be a challenge.

First off, you need to understand that not all trips start and end in the same part of the Canyon. You can begin your trip in many different places. For example, you can put in, which means enter the river at Glen Canyon Dam or choose to hike down the Canyon from the South Rim and put in somewhere in the middle of Colorado’s run through the Canyon.

Most tour companies will also offer river tours that begin or end at Phantom Ranch. The Ranch is located one vertical mile below the South Rim. The Bright Angel Trail is a 10-mile hike that connects the Ranch to the South Rim. This is a strenuous hike either way.

Another important consideration is the type of boat you’ll be on. Tour companies offer motor trips using large pontoon rafts which hold many passengers. There are usually two or more guides on each raft and a pilot who steers the outboard motor.

For the more adventurous, tour companies also offer oar and paddle trips. These river trips use smaller rafts which are non-motorized. An oar boat is operated by a single boatman who paddles with two long oars or a raft that is paddled by the passengers.

Most river trips occur in the spring or summer. It can get hot on the river during the height of summer, but there’s always a swimming hole or the river if you need to cool off. Rafting through the Grand Canyon is an experience you’ll never forget. Start planning your trip now and hit the river as soon as you can.